Gratitude Graffiti Wall


Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Large sheet of colored poster paper (approx. 72” x 90”)
Masking tape
Black permanent marker
Assorted colors of acrylic or tempera paint
Large and small paint brushes
Water containers

Suggested Book List:

Annie Sullivan, By Mary Malone
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, By Roald Dolch
See You Tomorrow, Charles, by Miriam Cohen
Spring and the Shadow Man, by Emily R Johnson
The Street of Flower Boxes, by Peggy Mann
The Value of Kindness, by Spencer Johnson, MD


Create a kindness web and make photocopies for each student. An example of a kindness web is illustrated below.


Read a Kindness story, and discuss Kindness as it applies at home, in the schools, throughout the community and around the world
Pass out the Kindness Web. As a class, allow each student to share suggestions and ideas on being kind in each of the categories and fill out the web.
Discuss graffiti as an art form. Create a class graffiti wall. In creating the graffiti wall, draw ling to create a brick-like look. Then, attach the “brick” paper to a wall. Have the students take turns painting their kindness-themed graffiti design on the posterboard brick wall.

Kindness Web Sample:

Kindness Web Sample

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