Just For Teens

Lend an ear to a friend
Thank the janitor at your school
Write a thank-you note to your favorite teacher.
Leave a nice note on a random locker
Anonymously give a gift to your sibling
Send a love note to your parents
Eat lunch with someone new at school
Get friends to hold up smile posters
Share a momemt that made you smile
Serve a meal at a soup kitchen
Bake cookies and share them
Offer advice to a younger student
Tell your parents they’re special
Send a letter to a former teacher
Mail an anonymous gift to a friend
Make someone breakfast in bed
Put a flower in a neighbor’s paper
Slip a nice note in a friend’s bag
Pick up trash at your school
Say ‘Good Morning’ to 5 people
Read a book to a child
Make a bookmark for a friend
Hold the door open for your class
Learn to say hello in a new language

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