Gratitude Kindness Complements


Read through this lesson plan for six months of ideas for kindness projects you can do in the classroom!


To integrate mathematics and kindness to deliver compliments

Grade Level:



Class Activity

Materials Used:

Decorating material if desired (glitter, stickers, etc).


To integrate mathematics and language arts as well as spread kindness through our school, my students write compliments for all the staff (teachers, lunch aides, custodians, secretaries, instructional assistants, and every adult in our building).

We do this throughout the year. For example, during the holiday season, we folded paper into 1/6’s and discussed all geometry and fractional parts of one whole. Then we wrote our kindness messages on the snowflakes.

For February, we folded paper in half to create a line of symmetry on a Valentine heart. These messages were signed, “Your secret Valentine’s

Students sign up for an adult on the school list, then write sentences with specific compliments. For example,“Mrs. A, you make learning fun every day. Hard work seems fun with you! – Your Secret Snowflake Complimenter”

I edit for spelling and conventions of English.

Then, secretly, and sneakily, students stealthily go through building and tape message to the person’s door. It is great fun, and an easy and
quick way for students to share messages of kindness with the adults in our building.

We smile as we walk through halls and see our positive messages. It’s fun to note that many teachers keep the messages taped to their doors
long after the season.

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