Gratitude Counts


This lesson plan teaches kids that kindness does matter, and shows them different ways to express and share kindness.


Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of an act of kindness in a variety of settings.

Grade Level:



Class Activity

Materials Used:

Book: Kindness: Do the Right Thing by Diane Muldrow
Different colored index cards
Five poster boards
Red heart-shaped pillow


The teacher will read the book Kindness: Do the Right Thing by Diane Muldrow. Define the word “kindness” and ask the students how the boys/girls in the book show kindness.

Then use three (or more) examples of positive messages to demonstrate kindness.

“I like helping, caring, giving and sharing!”
“I show friends I care by being there.”
“Kindness is contagious; Pass It On!”

Ask the students to recite these together and explain the meanings.

Pass around a heart-shaped pillow. Start off by having the teacher or one student give a kind compliment about someone else in the room and
then pass the heart to a different student. The students are encouraged to pass the heart around until everyone receives a compliment.

In separate parts of the classroom, put five poster board signs:

1. Home
2. Bus
3. School
4. Store
5. Classroom

On the colored index cards, write one of the five places on them and pass them out to the students. The students should go to the part of the
classroom that matches their card (i.e. if you draw a “store” card, you go to the “store” area).

Ask each group to brainstorm three ways that they can show kindness at each different place and write down the ideas on a piece of paper. Then
have the class come back together and share their ideas.

Give each student a heart-shaped candy to represent kindness and a challenge to pass kindness on!



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