Gratitude Counts Book

Gratitude_University_00Gratitude Counts Book

Submitted by Karen; Waterville, MN
In this lesson plan, children create a kindness book. Optional – Deliver the book to be enjoyed by the elderly (nursing home residents), linking them with ideas and drawings of local children.

Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

White construction paper
Crayons, colored pencils, markers and/or paints
Laminating materials
Spiral Bookbinding

Suggested Book List: (choose one of the following)

The Little Match Girl, By H.C. Anderson
The Lion and the Mouse, from Aesop’s Fables
Skateboard Scramble, by Barbara Douglas
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dolch


In advance, create Kindness Counts thought starter pages. Use the construction paper, and make photocopies with the following sentences on the paper for the kids to complete: (one sentence per page) printed at the bottom, so the kids can illustrate their completed sentence with the rest of the page’s open space.

My friends like it when ______________
I show others I care when ______________
Friends can be counted on to ______________
I am kind when I ______________
Caring shows when I ______________
The best way to show my family that I care is when I ______
The most important kindness I’ve received is ______________
Kindness means ______________
Love is all around me, especially ______________


1. Read a story from one of the books recommended above about kindness and discuss kindness as it applies in each student’s life.
2. Allow each student to select one of the Kindness Counts pages that you prepared to illustrate and tell their story. Someone also needs to design a cover.
3. Collect completed sheets, laminating each, assembling them into a book format and finishing with a spiral binding.
4. Deliver the book to a local nursing home for residents to enjoy.

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