About The Foundation

Kids For Gratitude, Inc is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that provides assistance to children with Diseases/Rare Diseases and their families. Some of the ways we help are: Expansion of Children’s Education, Providing Supplies and Needs not covered by medical insurance, referral for streamline and professional counseling.

  • Educating the Chronically Ill Child – Many children who have medical and rare diseases are not able to attend school and their schoolwork suffers. Others, unfortunately, are frequently sick, miss lots of school, and may find themselves falling far behind in their classes. Medical bills can be a tremendous hardship on a family financially where they cannot afford to hire a tutor so their child keeps up with their schoolwork. Kids For Gratitude serves these children and their families in this area.
  • Providing Medical Supplies or Equipment – Some medical supplies are not covered under insurance or are considered cosmetic. This is an area where Kids For Gratitude serves to help these families providing these neccesities. This way these families can focus on what matters, their child.
  • Professional Counseling – When a child is sick, this can be very mentally challenging on the child and family. These families need and want counseling but cannot afford it with all their medical bills. Kids for Gratitude serves these children and families in this area.

Founded by Bardi Toto Drake, Kidsforgratitude.com is also a resource for people committed to spreading kindness and gratitude. We provide a variety of materials on our website, including ideas for actions surrounding gratitude and kindness, ideas for educators and schools, activities and lesson plans and inspirational quotes.

In the summer of 2013 an idea unleashed the tidal wave of gratitude and Kindness now known as Kidsforgratitude.org.  What if instead of focusing on the negativity in the world, what we lack, which is a mindset of scarcity and focus on what we have. Lets create a ripple effect focusing on what we have accomplished, teaching and showing others young and old gratitude through various mechanisms including Social Media. Spreading Gratitude throughout the world rather than promoting greed, lack and a competitive spirit.

Everything here is a labor of Kindness, love and gratitude. This is 100% run by volunteers and donations. Our wonderful team is comprised of dedicated individuals located Nationwide. We send out a weekly Gratitude newsletter without any hidden agenda. Generosity is generative  the good circles back to support us in various ways. Some people share creative ideas of compassion, some contribute stories of inspiration, some sponsor cards for others — and in all these and many other ways the gratitude just keeps spreading! We’re just grateful for the opportunity to be humble instruments toward the world.

Help Groom Our Children for Success

Help Groom our next Generation for Success implementing Gratitude

Besides Providing assistance to children  with Diseases/Rare Diseases the second Part of The Kids for Gratitude Foundation is the heart of the gratitude movement whose aim is to help everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement surrounding by actions of gratitude.

Our platform is where media, education, community, social networking and entertainment connect people with inspiration, tools, resources, organizations and a larger support network to help them take action, get involved, harvest and share the benefits of gratitude in their daily lives and society. We are dedicated to provide users with dynamic means to teach, learn, collaborate, grow and communicate the kindness they care about in their unique ways.

Our Vision for Students

Our vision is for schools to help cultivate kids who are compassionate students of heart and character through the simple focus and daily practice of gratitude/kindness vs. bullying and a competitive spirit. Won’t you join us?

Please let us know what you are doing to foster kindness in your school or community.

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