ABC’s of Gratitude


This lesson plan encourages students to work on their writing skills while simultaneously helps them brainstorm their own kindness ideas.


To have the kids think of their own Kindness and Gratitude ideas and at the same time, work on their writing skills.

Grade Level:


Scope of Activity:


Time Frame:

30-60 minutes

Materials Needed:

Construction paper


1. Have each child choose a letter of the alphabet for this activity. (Teacher can provide colorful die-cut letters for this activity.)

2. Have each child write a sentence of a random act of kindness idea, using the letter they chose as a word in the sentence.


A I will share a stuffed animal with my sister
B I will help my mom bring in the groceries
C I colored a picture for my grandma

3. Next, have the child draw a picture that illustrates their RAK described in their letter sentence.

4. Mount each child’s picture and sentence on construction paper and bind it to make a book!


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