Positive Posters


Using this lesson plan, students will learn about kindness and discover how they can make a difference.


Students will learn about and discuss kindness and create their own posters illustrating ways that they can make a difference.

Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Posters for each student

Possible Books for Introduction:

The Land of Many Colors, by The Klamath County YMCA Family Preschool
For Every Child a Better World, by Bruce McNally/United Nations
Wherever You Are, by Mem Fox


This project can coincide with Martin Luther King week.


Read one or more of the books listed above. Discuss how it is up to us to make the world a better place
On chart paper, write down the children’s ideas of what we can do … * at home * at school * in our town * in the world
Through this process, ask how we can let people know our ideas. (letters, signs, etc. will probably come up.)
Have the students make posters with their personal best illustration of how they can make a difference.
Deliver the posters to some community facility, such as the local library, post office or city hall.
If desired, contact the local newspaper for coverage. The kids love it!
Local frame shops often donate a few frames so a few posters can hang in the school!


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